Hello and thank you for visiting our Website.  My name is Anthony Johnson and i am a 49 year old Professional Wedding Photographer.  I am a husband to Kimberly of 28 Years, a Father to 3 Kids. By the Grace of God, all 3 of them have Graduated from College and living their own lives. I am a Grandfather to 3 beautiful boys.  
I am a Musician, an Organist and have been playing in churches for over 25 Years.  I started Playing with a Camera back in 1990.  In fact, I still have my very first camera that i bought at a Pawn shop.  It's a Pentax ME Super 35mm Film Camera.  i still use it every now and then for True black and white Images.  I started shooting Weddings back in 2008.  it was my very first wedding and thank god that it was for family because it was terrible.   LMBO..  I was so unexperienced.  after i realized that i had messed up I had to make a decision if i was going to continue as a wedding photographer or not.  
In 2009 I shot my Second wedding but this time I was a second shooter.  Meaning, i was helping to shoot a wedding for someone else.   while i shot with them, I learned so much from just watching how He and she communicated with their clients.  This experience meant the world to me.
I decided that  I didnt mind shooting with a Good Wedding photographer and did that for the whole year.  Ended up second shooting 18 Weddings that year...  In 2010, I started shooting by myself.  I have now shot over 89 Weddings and I am looking at close to 30 for this Year alone. 

I am very grateful for the opportunities that i have been given by shooting weddings.
I am Currently working for 3 Different Company's shooting weddings for them and of course, I shoot my own weddings as well...  In my downtime, I rest, relax and try to have Family time everyweek.  I love being in Church and I love being able to Preach and Teach the Gospel of Jesus. 
I love to have fun with the bridal party and with the bride and groom.  if you are relaxed and comfortable, then it will show in your pictures.  
I love to shoot weddings and that is what i do on a Full time basis!!!!!!!!
My Specialty is Weddings, Candid shooting and Traditional.

My Belief and Philosophy is simple: Take care of my bride.  I strive to get to know my Bride
and get on a level with her that only a Bride would understand.  If my bride is happy, Everybody is happy.  this is your day and I am here to help you not only get some Gorgeus photos of you but to also Help you in anyway that i can to make sure that your Special day  -  is SPECIAL!!!!!

I am yours and yours alone.  We would love to Photograph your Love Story!!!!!


Anthony Johnson Prof. Wedding Photographer.


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